Capable Capable
Capable Capable

Consider the facts . . .
Arnold Siegel —December 11, 2012

Life is not fair

Involuntarily, we are inserted into a world already in full swing. Inserted, too, with specific characteristics. We’ve no say about our parents, color, shape, genes.

Life is not certain

Our futures are not guaranteed secure. Novelty, competition, inertia and intimidation may undo what has been accomplished or show up unexpectedly as obstacles to achievement.

Life is complex

Fickle feelings, compelling impulses and innate drives shape our fears and desires. They may play havoc with our strategies for success or even with our ability to create such strategies.

Life requires a big heart

Putting together a rewarding life is a multi-dimensional quest—of body, mind and spirit. “Intangibles” such as attitude, resilience and nerve matter in a significant way.

Life forces us to adapt

The facts are the facts. We’ll win some and we’ll lose some. We must be skilled at leveraging the wins and know how to recover quickly from the losses. Even in the best of times under the best circumstances, we’re forced, repeatedly, to adapt, to transform, to become increasingly fit.

Yet, we can design rewarding lives

Yet, we can design a rewarding life. Of course, the world is still just as it is but with our autonomy we can be in charge of our way of living in it. However, while it would seem to be a birthright and its value inarguable, autonomy is an extraordinary personal achievement. In the Workshop you will come to better understand and appreciate the opportunities that lie before you and plan a rewarding life, one of your own design.

Arnold Siegel is the founder of Autonomy and Life and the leader of its
Workshops and Advanced Classes.