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Capable Capable

How it works
Arnold Siegel —March 14, 2016

Autonomy and Life offers an artful technology that will transform your life.  The carefully designed body of intelligence deals with the interconnection of life, the ego and modern society drawing on subjects such as philosophy, history, science and other human studies. 

This technology disrupts old patterns of being while shedding light on why we continue to think and feel the way that we do even when it does not serve us. This disruption provides a unique opening for self-transformation, giving you the ability to be the artist of your life unlike ever before.

Participants agree that the Planning Workshop is life-altering—both professionally and personally. In just 3 days, this shift in thinking and being will have a direct impact on aspects of life that matter to you most, such as the quality of your relationships, your contribution to the world along with your satisfaction and fulfillment with life. You'll gain access to your deeper resources for getting through life's challenges and leave with a new sense of the meaning of life.

When you understand who you are and your connection to the world, the possibilities for your life are endless.

Arnold Siegel is the founder of Autonomy and Life and the leader of its
Workshops and Advanced Classes.